Esito Vertice NATO (Cardiff UK, 04–05.09.2014). No nuove basi in est-Europa. Sì più sanzioni a Russia

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Esito Vertice NATO (Cardiff UK,  04–05.09.2014). No nuove basi in est-Europa. Sì più  sanzioni a Russia Empty Esito Vertice NATO (Cardiff UK, 04–05.09.2014). No nuove basi in est-Europa. Sì più sanzioni a Russia

Messaggio Da Erasmus il Sab Set 06, 2014 2:54 am

Durante il meeting a Cardiff (UK) dei leader dei paesi della NATO (Obama + i leder dei paesi dell'UE membri della NATO – che sono la stragrande maggioranza –) è fallito il tentativo diplomatico [simultaneamente in atto a Minsk] del "cessate il fuoco" tra Ukraina e ribelli filo-russi (più truppe russe che aiutano i ribelli oltrepassando la frontiera Ugraina/Russia).

In conseguenza di ciò, l'intera UE (rappresentata da Renzi in quanto è ora italiana la presidenza dell'Unione Europea) e gli USA hanno deciso di inasprire le sanzioni contro la Russia.
Queste, da parte europea, oltre ad estendere il bando dall'UE ad ulteriori persone fisiche e persone giuridiche russe coinvolte nell'appoggio ai ribelli ucraini filo-russi, vanno a coprire anche tutta una serie di precedenti rapporti economici, che spaziano dal commercio alle attività finanziarie, e comprendono pure restrizioni sulla fornitura alla Russia di servizi e alta tecnologia. Gli USA, per conto loro, inaspriranno ulteriormente le sanzioni (oltre le già gravi misure europee).

E' invece caduta l'ipotesi di creare nuove basi in Europa orientale. Il ministro degli esteri polacco ha motivato questo arretramento (dalle precedenti ipotesi) con l'importanza di evitare di dare l'impressione di aumentare strutture di deterrenza contro il pericolo di aggressione russa.

Trascrivo ora integralmente  l'e.mail ricevuta da che, oltre all'arrticolo riguardante il vertice della NATO, presenta molti altri articoli su argometi di estrema attualità.
Più sotto trascrivo poi l'articolo riguardante le conclusioni del vertice NATO di Cardiff.
Oggetto: EU, US to tighten Russia sanctions
Data: 5 settembre 2014 9:31:00 GMT+02:00

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1. EU, US to tighten Russia sanctions - 05/09/2014 09:29:02
The EU and US are to announce tighter Russia sanctions, with the EU’s draft 
legal texts - seen by EUobserver - targeting state-owned banks, oil 
technologies, and defence goods.

2. No new Nato bases in eastern Europe - 04/09/2014 22:54:49
Poland has confirmed there will be no new Nato bases in eastern Europe to 
deter Russian aggression.

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The EU should establish a temporary investment fund capable of paying for 
infrastructure projects worth €700 billion Poland's finance minister has 

4. Europol chief takes instructions on document access from Americans - 04/09/2014 17:38:01
The head of the EU police agency Europol is taking instructions from the 
Americans on what EU-drafted documents he can and cannot release to EU 

5. Draghi cuts interest rate, launches new stimulus measures - 04/09/2014 18:33:09
The European Central Bank has cut interest rates to a historic low and 
unveiled a raft of bond-buying programmes to stimulate lending, in a move 
that surprised financial markets and analysts.

6. Names list for new EU commission complete - 04/09/2014 20:09:59
The list of proposed new EU commissioners is now complete, with enough 
women for the European Parliament to approve the 28-strong team led by 
Jean-Claude Juncker.

7. [Opinion] The ECB: an act of determination or desperation? - 05/09/2014 09:26:45
Now that the ECB has almost entirely emptied its toolbox, the pressing 
question is: will it help?

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Ed ecco l'articolo sulle conclusioni del vertice della NATO a Cardiff.
US, EU to tighten Russia sanctions

by Valentina POP

BRUSSELS – The EU and the US are to announce tighter Russia sanctions on Friday (5 September), with the EU’s draft legal texts - seen by EUobserver - targeting state-owned banks, oil technologies and defence goods.

The move comes as Russia continues to pour arms and troops into eastern Ukraine, despite an ultimatum given by EU leaders last week.

More peace talks are scheduled in Minsk on Friday, but a much-talked-about ceasefire has so far failed to hold.

"In view of the gravity of the situation the Council considers it appropriate to take further restrictive measures in response to Russia's actions destabilising the situation in Ukraine," the EU's draft text says.

More names and companies are to be added to a blacklist, which has been expanded to "natural or legal persons, entities or bodies conducting transactions with the separatist groups in the Donbass region of Ukraine."

In addition to an existing ban on Russian state-owned banks from raising funds in Europe and the US, the EU will also ban "Russian entities in the defence sector, and Russian entities whose main business is the sale or transportation of oil” from its capital markets.

Esito Vertice NATO (Cardiff UK,  04–05.09.2014). No nuove basi in est-Europa. Sì più  sanzioni a Russia 482394c806080389f9dcb17b2486511d
The EU is banning further oil drilling technologies from being exported to Russia (Photo: ezioman)

The threshold ban for bonds issued by Russian banks has been lowered from 90 to 30 days. EU businesses will not only be prohibited from acquiring such bonds, but also from taking up loans from Russian state-owned banks.

The EU also aims to ban "the direct or indirect sale, supply, transfer or export of certain dual-use goods and technology to any person in Russia or for use in Russia by nationals of member states or from the territories of member states or using their flag vessels or aircraft."

So-called dual-use goods are items that can have both a military and a civilian function. Funding, providing technical assistance or maintenance of these goods will also be prohibited.

The same applies for oil-drilling technologies, both a ban on selling directly or indirectly, as well as funding projects, servicing or maintaining these technologies.

For is part, Ben Rhodes, US leader Barack Obama’s deputy security advisor, told press on Thursday that America and Europe fine-tuned their response in the margins of a Nato summit in Wales.

“The president and his fellow leaders in that meeting agreed that there needs to be additional costs imposed on Russia for what they’ve done in Ukraine … Because when we move together, it has the maximum impact in imposing economic costs on Russia”, he said.

“We have broad authorities to look at a range of different sectors. So the United States is preparing our own additional sanctions … I think the key point is that Russia must continue to face costs for its own escalation. If Russia escalates, we stand prepared to escalate our pressure”.

An annex to the EU legal text lists the banned oil drilling equipment:

Equipment required to produce fuels that meet EURO IV requirements – hydrocracking and desulphurisation units and components thereof, as well as related services.

Technologies that reduce sulphur, particulate matter, benzene and aromatic and unsaturated hydrocarbon content in automotive fuels - such as:

Alkylation and isomerization units
Aromatic hydrocarbon production units
Atmospheric-vacuum crude distillation units (CDU)
Calatylic reforming / cracker units
Delayed cokers
Flexicoking units
Fractionation units
Heat exchanges
Hydrocracking reactors
Hydrocracking reactor vessels
Hydrogen generation technology
Hydrotreatment technology/units
Naphtha isomerisation units
Reactor vessels
Refining heaters
Sulphur production units
Sulphuric acid alkylation and sulphuric acid regeneration units
Thermal cracking units
[Toluene and heavy aromatics] Transalkylation units
Vacuum gas oil hydrocracking units

EU targets bank loans, World Cup in Russia sanctions talks
France halts Russia warship deal, as Nato leaders meet
Esito Vertice NATO (Cardiff UK,  04–05.09.2014). No nuove basi in est-Europa. Sì più  sanzioni a Russia 3972599242

Esito Vertice NATO (Cardiff UK,  04–05.09.2014). No nuove basi in est-Europa. Sì più  sanzioni a Russia 0381f-b4ad898e-a471-49c4-ac42-83ba8322386f

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