Ricodare J. F. Kennedy anche come europeista.

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Ricodare J. F. Kennedy anche come europeista. Empty Ricodare J. F. Kennedy anche come europeista.

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Visto che molti oggi ricordano i 50 anni dall’assassinio di John F. Kennedy,  intendo ricordare uno dei suoi discorsi chiave a sostegno dell’unita’ dell’Europa, il 4 luglio del 1962.
=>  Kennedy, "Giornata dell'Indipendenza", 4 luglio 1962 Breve vieo)
=>  July 4, 1962- "Indipendence Day", Testo del discorso del Presidente degli USA

"The nations of Western Europe, long divided by feuds far more bitter than any which existed among the 13 colonies, are today joining together, seeking, as our forefathers sought, to find freedom in diversity and in unity, strength. The United States looks on this vast new enterprise with hope and admiration. We do not regard a strong and united Europe as a rival but as a partner. To aid its progress has been the basic object of our foreign policy for 17 years. We believe that a united Europe will be capable of playing a greater role in the common defense, of responding more generously to the needs of poorer nations, of joining with the United States and others in lowering trade barriers, resolving problems of commerce, commodities, and currency, and developing coordinated policies in all economic, political, and diplomatic areas. We see in such a Europe a partner with whom we can deal on a basis of full equality in all the great and burdensome tasks of building and defending a community of free nations. It would be premature at this time to do more than indicate the high regard with which we view the formation of this partnership. The first order of business is for our European friends to go forward in forming the more perfect union which will someday make this partnership possible. A great new edifice is not built overnight. It was 11 years from the Declaration of Independence to the writing of the Constitution. The construction of workable federal institutions required still another generation. The greatest works of our Nation's founders lay not in documents and in declarations, but in creative, determined action. The building of the new house of Europe has followed the same practical, purposeful course. Building the Atlantic partnership now will not be easily or cheaply finished. But I will say here and now, on this Day of Independence, that the United States will be ready for a Declaration of Interdependence, that we will be prepared to discuss with a united Europe the ways and means of forming a concrete Atlantic partnership, a mutually beneficial partnership between the new union now emerging in Europe and the old American Union founded here 175 years ago. All this will not be completed in a year, but let the world know it is our goal” 
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Ricodare J. F. Kennedy anche come europeista. 0381f-b4ad898e-a471-49c4-ac42-83ba8322386f

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