Che direbbe di fare Robert Schuman, quello della "dichiarazione 09.05.1950"?

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Che direbbe di fare Robert Schuman, quello della "dichiarazione 09.05.1950"? Empty Che direbbe di fare Robert Schuman, quello della "dichiarazione 09.05.1950"?

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A Schuman compact for the euro area

by Ashoka Mody on 20th November 2013

Five years of crisis have pushed Europe to take emergency financial measures that have cushioned the free fall of distressed countries. However, efforts to turn the crisis into a spur for "an ever closer union" have been met with resistance due to the lack of political will to surrender fiscal sovereignty. If the goal of a federation through "an ever closer union" remains elusive, the alternative is "a more perfect union" that recognises a de facto decentralisation in Europe and render it more effective with a number of European compacts. 

The Schuman Compact, a proposal coined by Ashoka Mody, suggests that the solidarity requested by Robert Schuman in his 1950 speech can be materialised through three specific packages.

•The Fiscal Compact: The delegation of European fiscal governance to the European Commission has long been recognised as counter-productive. Complex structures have encouraged costly delays, deceptions and half-measures. For this reason, fiscal policy should be the responsibility of the member states where the sovereignty lies. This concept is already present in the Fiscal Compact that states voluntarily commit to.

•The Sovereign Debt Compact: To minimise the risk of excessive future sovereign borrowing, a credible "no bailout" regime must ensure that private lenders bear losses when sovereign debt becomes unsustainable.

•The Banking Compact: A much smaller euro-area banking system is needed to achieve financial stability. The current debate is focused on the details of the complex banking union, but the compact is needed to allow states to pro-actively shut down the growing crowd of zombie banks and bolster viable banks. A centralised system of supervision, resolution, and deposit insurance is desirable; but tackling the here and now problems must be the priority.

Ashoka Mody's Schuman Compact is based on the idea that, since the very inception of the EU, founders were unwilling to cross a threshold that compromised core national sovereignty. A decentralised resting stop would provide an opportunity to reflect the best course toward a more stable, more integrated Europe. Continuing to stumble forward could lead to a debilitating, if not fatal, fall.

I sincerely hope that this essay helps policymakers to reflect on the current approach to crisis resolution. Bruegel's role as a think tank at the heart of Europe is to do exactly this: provide policymakers and citizens with new ideas and approaches to the most burning policy questions of strategic relevance. Decision-makers may decide to continue their current approach, to go forward with a strategy as outlined by me with colleagues of the Glienicker Gruppe, or decide to follow the path towards a Schuman Compact as outlined here. Reading well-argued pieces like this essay, and debating the central questions with the Bruegel community, will help in making the right decision. 

Guntram Wolff, Director, Bruegel Brussels, November 2013"


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Che direbbe di fare Robert Schuman, quello della "dichiarazione 09.05.1950"? 3972599242

Che direbbe di fare Robert Schuman, quello della "dichiarazione 09.05.1950"? 0381f-b4ad898e-a471-49c4-ac42-83ba8322386f

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