"Schulz sconfitto nel suo Land" ... (e molto altro) – EUobserver.com, (oggi 15-05-2017)

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"Schulz sconfitto nel suo Land" ... (e molto altro) – EUobserver.com, (oggi 15-05-2017)

Messaggio Da Erasmus il Lun Mag 15, 2017 9:21 pm

Trascrivo dalla news-letter di EUobserver.com di oggi lunedì 15 maggio 2017.
News from EUobserver 15 maggio 2017

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Schulz fails to win elections in German home state
TODAY – Former EU parliament leader, Martin Schulz, says defeat of his social-democrats in North Rhine-Westphalia is "difficult". The elections showed that a "Schulz effect" does not (yet) exist.

Germany and Italy want EU to halt migrants in Libya
TODAY – German and Italian interior ministers are proposing an EU mission at Libya's border with Niger to curb migration and human smuggling.

Austria heading for snap elections
TODAY– Foreign minister Sebastian Kurz is shaking Austrian politics by taking leadership of the conservative party. The end of his party's coalition with the Social Democrats could lead towards an alliance with the far-right.
––> https://euobserver.com/beyond-brussels/137888

AGENDA Joint defence and Africa on EU agenda This WEEK
TODAY - Foreign and defence ministers will debate plans to create a new military HQ in Brussels and prepare joint “battlegroups” for future action in Africa.

Strasbourg plenary pushes up Airbnb demand
TODAY – "When it's the week of the parliament, all the hotels are full," said Strasbourg's vice-mayor.

News In Brief
EU not ready to sign China Silk Road trade plans
Estonian EU presidency to focus on defence
Cyberattack could spread futher, warns Europol


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