Martin Schulz si candida per ll Bundestag del 2017 ... e altre news

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Martin Schulz si candida per ll Bundestag del 2017 ... e altre news

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Martin Schulz to quit as EU parliament leader
TODAYThe German politician wasn't sure to secure a third term as EU parliament president. His decision opens up power struggles both in Brussels and Berlin. Read on »

Brexit to boost British debt by €69bn

TODAYBritain’s decision to exit the EU is to prompt €69 billion of extra borrowing, a UK watchdog has said, leaving poorer families less well off. Read on »

Commission tightens rules after Barrosogate

TODAYThe European Commission has proposed tighter rules for its members after their term finishes, amid a long-lasting row over Jose Manuel Barroso's job at Goldman Sachs. Read on »

[size=12]OPINION Requiem for a European dream[/size]

23. NOVThe solution to the EU's woes could lie in a return to the pre-1992 version of the bloc, rather than creating an inner circle of European integration. Read on »

News In Brief

TODAYSecond attempt to form Iceland government fails
TODAYJuncker will not sanction Oettinger for lobbyist flight
TODAYBrexit could severely dent Irish exports, says think-tank
TODAYFinland mulls ban on coal-fired power plants
TODAYRight-wing extremist convicted of murdering British MP Jo Cox


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