Importanti (e gravi) gli argomenti della "news-letter" di di ieri 14\11\16

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Importanti (e gravi) gli argomenti della "news-letter" di di ieri 141116

Messaggio Da Erasmus il Mar Nov 15, 2016 8:52 am

Tutti importanti (e ... gravi) gli argomenti della "news-letter" di  ieri di
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EU foreign ministers discuss Trump fallout
Spooked EU chancelleries are hoping to maintain strong ties with the US following the surprise election win of Donald Trump. 
Pro-Russian candidates win in Bulgaria and Moldova
Presidential elections in Bulgaria and Moldova show anger with the ruling corrupt governments and disillusionment in European integration.

One year after attacks, French emergency persists
The Paris killings and the ensuing state of emergency have opened an era of fear and doubt that will have an influence on next year's elections. 

Obama visits EU This Week
The US election, wide-ranging security concerns, and the EU budget dominate the agenda this week. 

News In Brief
• Cyprus peace talks to resume on 20 November –––>
• Turkey could hold EU referendum, says leader   –––>
• Obama calls for 'meaningful' debt relief for Greece –––>
• Catalans rally in support of separatist leaders –––>
• British minister to skip EU's Trump dinner –––>

Ciao a tutti.


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